About Kerry

I'm from Dublin originally, and I spent around 15 years living in France and Switzerland. I returned home to put roots down in Ireland in 2013.

My path towards becoming a Yoga Teacher and Shiatsu Therapist has involved working with the World Health Organization (WHO) for many years.  A strong desire to help people and work in the area of health drew me to this United Nations (UN) organization in Geneva.  Here I had the privilege to work on many different global public health projects including HIV/Aids, health in emergency situations, women’s health and malaria research.  But my interest in holistic health and the body/mind link deepened with my Shiatsu studies – also, my desire to work more with people in a hands-on way increased with time.

While still working at WHO, I became its first “holistic” therapist where I gave regular Shiatsu sessions to staff – often medical and public health professionals suffering from high stress-levels due to constant travel and frequently working in difficult and stressful environments. Having a special interest in how stress affects people, I did my “memoire”, or thesis on "Stress in the UN Workplace".  When I later qualified as a Yoga Teacher, I also began teaching Yoga at WHO. It was a natural progression to introduce elements of Shiatsu into the Yoga classes – hence Ki-atsu Yoga was born! 

Back in Ireland, as well as running my own studio in Wicklow dedicated to Yoga & Shiatsu, I work with Ireland's top health insurance company, Vhi, designing and delivering Health & Well-Being sessions & talks for their many corporate clients. 

There are so many wonderful therapies and practices we can try today for better health & well-being, and these are the two that inspired me, as they continue to.

My aim is to empower every person I teach to bring a little Yoga and Shiatsu into their lives everyday – I believe that this is where the greatest benefits can be found.