About Ki-atsu Yoga


Ki-atsu Yoga is classic hatha Yoga with the healing touch of Shiatsu. I’m Kerry White - a certified Yoga teacher and Shiatsu therapist. I love both of these ancient healing practices and love to combine them and share their benefits with others.

I created Ki-atsu Yoga because I noticed how much my Yoga students enjoyed the combination of both of these ancient healing practices. Ki-atsu comes from “Ki” meaning energy and “atsu” conveys the practise of applying pressure to specific points and energy pathways, to help re-balance the body and mind into a healthier state.  Yoga & Shiatsu can be blended in such a natural and complementary way - I see them as different pathways to get to a state of better physical & emotional health.

I provide Yoga classes, Ki-atsu Yoga Workshops, and individual Shiatsu massage sessions.

Yoga Classes

My classes follow the traditional Hatha Yoga style -  as well as the physical postures (asana), each class includes breathing exercises (pranayama) and may also include some meditation. All of my classes have the added benefit of some hands-on Shiatsu techniques, which can be great for helping release tight back, neck & shoulder muscles. I always adapt my classes to the group and aim to address individuals’ needs as much as possible by giving modifications where appropriate.

Ki-atsu Yoga Workshops

The Ki-atsu Yoga Workshops are theme-based and more in-depth than the regular classes - they comprise a blend of Shiatsu techniques, Yoga postures and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) theory.  I run these workshops in Geneva, Dublin, Wicklow and at other venues upon request. See more under Workshops.

Corporate Classes & Workshops

I provide classes, workshops and shiatsu within organisations, with a focus on relieving aches & pains common to office workers, as well as dealing with stress. I have worked extensively with staff at the World Health Organisation (WHO), Geneva, and other international  organisations.

Private Yoga Classes

Upon request, I give private therapeutic Yoga classes, sometimes combined with gentle Shiatsu, to people coping with an illness such as cancer, recovering from an injury or with any health challenges.

Yoga for Children and Teens