What people are saying



whologoWorld Health Organization (WHO), Geneva (June 2017)  "We would like to thank Kerry White for providing four (1.5 hour) sessions on Resilience at WHO Headquarters. The program was a hit amongst the staff in our cluster. Her sessions were very interactive and the participants enjoyed the hands-on activities (such as identifying the acupuncture points and practicing the unique relaxation exercises) immensely. Kerry has a flair for facilitation and has excellent communication and people skills. As a former WHO employee, Kerry is aware of the organizational culture; she tactfully tailored her seminar sessions to suit our work environment. Kerry is a skilled and experienced facilitator; we look forward to working with her again."

great-place-to-work(Great Place to Work Conference, Sept 2017)  "My thanks to everybody who attended our conference in the Mansion House last week - the feedback has been unbelievable - getting everybody to do Yoga every two hours worked fantastically - I'd recommend you think about getting Kerry White to put everybody through their stretching routines at your next event - it brought a wonderful energy to the  conference". 



MCI Entertainment, Dublin (October 2017) (The 5 Steps to Happiness)  "Just a quick note to say what a fantastic presentation  you gave to our team last Monday. Very engaging and informative. The team truly enjoyed it."   



Grant grant-thornton-logoThornton, Dublin (March 2017)  "The 5 Steps to Happiness seminar was a great success amongst our employees! They thoroughly enjoyed Kerry’s presentation. They were taught a number of exercises they can do at their desk and even gained some useful tips on mindfulness and relaxation. We would definitely recommend the 5 Steps to Happiness seminar."

pfizer-logoPfizer Ireland Pharmaceuticals, Newbridge  (July 2016) "The site feedback has been fantastic, everyone is still talking about you and several people have asked me for the copy of the exercises you did. The general comments were that everyone found it very, very interesting and enjoyed the mixture of practical and presentations. Thank you so much for coming. I do hope we will see you here again sometime soon."      


                                             Societe Generale, Dublin (September 2016)  “Kerry presented a workshop for staff on ‘Desk Yoga & Shiatsu with Mindfulness’. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive; it was not only very interestingsociete-generale-logo and informative but very practical in its application.”     


bms-logo(April 2017) "Kerry provides Yoga classes on-site as part of our health & well-being programme through Vhi.  Although this was the first time such  classes have been given at our workplace, Kerry's classes have proven very popular. Her teaching method is very suited to a corporate environment, and people who attend her classes find that they feel the benefits mentally, as well as physically.  We would highly recommend Kerry's unique Yoga classes as part of any corporate health & well-being programme."

vmware-logo      (June 2017) “Yoga with Kerry in VMWare  was a welcome calm oasis in the day , and was a really good form of relaxation, within the work environment. Kerry’s class suited all levels and was the perfect antidote to a desk based job. Returning  to my desk I felt calmer and more relaxed, while the session was short, it was productive. We would love to have you back Kerry”.

“The yoga was fantastic and Kerry was wonderful. The pace and moves were perfect for both beginners and regulars. Kerry explained each of the moves and created a very nice relaxed atmosphere. This allowed us to take a break from work and forget we were in the middle of a working day/ in a working environment altogether. That relaxed feeling continued for the rest of the day. Would love to have Kerry back onsite again to bring some welcomed calm to a fast paced job. " 


(April 2013) "As a beginner, it was an excellent class for me - loved the mix of Yoga and Shiatsu."   Medtronic, Switzerland

"I'm not a strong believer in oriental techniques, but with more and more practice, the more I am convinced about the benefits."  Medtronic, Switzerland


 "Yoga with Kerry is a great experience. Her class is at the same time demanding and utterly relaxing. After a day's work, the exercises truly open space, not only physically but foremost emotionally and intellectually. I highly recommend it."  - Dr B. Daelmans, World Health Organization (WHO), Geneva

"Just had first class with Kerry and could not have enjoyed it more! Came out feeling 100 times better than when I went in, and I can't wait to go again. Kerry exudes compassion and empathy and has a way with making people feel at ease and relaxed. Her studio is a wonderful calm space. Delighted to have found this!  - Niamh, Wicklow

"I have found Kerry's classes to be totally rewarding in every aspect, both physically and for my mental well-being. I have practiced Yoga for most of my life so I have had much experience with different teachers. The nice thing about a Kerry class is that there is a gentle acceptance of everyones bodies being different and unique, and as I am an athlete with a lot of injuries, I find her approach both nurturing and helpful.  The hands-on shiatsu is extremely beneficial and since I damaged my tendon last year, I have regularly attended her classes and found them to be an extremely good recovery tool in addition to my physio sessions".   - Eleanor, Wicklow

"Yoga with Kerry is my greatest discovery in 2011. Warmly recommended to all who need to get an energy flow and a perfect solution for reducing stress."  - Dr I. Knezevic, WHO, Geneva

"Over the last 40 years I have had several yoga teachers in different parts of the world. I met Kerry a few years ago and I can honestly say that she is the best yoga teacher I have ever had. Her in-depth knowledge of yoga, her gentle, soft, and caring nature, combined with her knowledge of Shiatsu which she applies during the yoga sessions, make her classes a unique experience. I encourage anyone to try out her courses. They are a real treat to body, mind and spirit."   - Anne Newson, WHO, Geneva

"I have attended both Kerry's yoga lessons and her Shiatsu/Yoga workshops, and I really love them. She is a great teacher - very patient and dedicated. I even managed to do the headstand pose in her classes - something I would always been afraid of - because she helped me build the confidence to do it!"  - Adriana, Geneva

"Just letting you know how much I enjoyed the class last night. I also slept well for the first time in weeks. Many many thanks".   - Jo, Wicklow

"... Kerry has extensive knowledge of both practises and has a great gift of communication. She also most importantly, underpins her teachings with a deep spiritual input. "  - Peter, Dublin

"I joined Kerry's yoga class as a beginner and can highly recommend her hands-on teaching style, which builds confidence when you are unfamiliar with the positions. Kerry's knowledge of yoga comes across when she describes the positions and her enthusiasm encourages you to try a bit harder!"  - Hilary R, WHO, Geneva


"Excellent workshop for anyone who’s ever contemplated starting yoga but to date for whatever reason hasn’t got round to it. Kerry offers guidance, expertise and practical advice to allow the complete beginner feel at ease. Coming from a sports background where I neglected stretching and core work for year’s coupled with no yoga experience prior to this class, I found it excellent and a real eye opener!  I will now look to incorporate a class every week as part of my training routine, in addition I will begin to build some exercise’s into my day to day within the office and at home. Highly recommended!"  - Rob, Wicklow 

"Kerry's gentle yet focused approach and her unique blending of techniques make her workshops healing experiences, both for the body and the soul. The intimate setting combined with the professional yet caring level of instruction, the pertinence of the material, and the ease of connection with other participants made this workshop a valuable healing experience."  - Raynelle Arcaini, Psychotherapist, Geneva

"I felt very relaxed, more upright and much happier after the workshop. Looking forward to more yoga/shiatsu. Kerry is a great teacher, warm and welcoming, and able to explain complicated things in a very straightforward way. "  - Theresa, Dublin

"I really enjoyed this yoga / shiatsu workshop – I felt rejuvinated, calm and refreshed following the two and a half hours – its a wonderful way to really explore the benefits of yoga."   - Maura, Wicklow 

"Kerry gives a great workshop, full of accessible information delivered in a gentle manner.  Highly recommended."  - Kristin Duncombe, Geneva

"Thanks so much for the great session. I came away feeling relaxed and energized."   - M, Geneva

"These workshops are very inspirational, giving good practical ideas and a good work-out. They are fun and pleasant to participate in!"    - Anders, Geneva

"I had the pleasure of experiencing Kerry's unique Yoga/Shiatsu workshop and what a treat that was! I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop, Kerry's gentle and friendly approach as well as her interesting explanations about the meridians and shiatsu points. It left me with a wonderful feeling of well-being that lasted several days."  - Niamh Kromodimedjo, Geneva

"Overall, it has done wonders for me in terms of bringing up my energy levels and improving my breathing and circulation. I highly recommend to everyone and would definitely join again another workshop! "  -Aurea, Geneva

"I enjoyed teaching of the instructor and the way in which she teaches in a manner that comes naturally and is true to who she is while at the same time she infuses elements of theory and the science. "  -Maggie M, WHO, Geneva

"Great teacher, extremely warm and nice personality. "   - A. Banmayer, Geneva

"The whole experience is both relaxing and invigorating, with lots of helpful and easy tips to practice alone at home, on oneself or a loved one!"  - Ariella, Geneva

"I loved the Workshop!  It was informative and hands-on, with plenty of opportunities to ask questions and discuss, and Kerry is an intuitive teacher who creates a warm and inviting environment."  - Tori, Geneva, United Nations, Geneva

"Just had my first shiatsu massage tonight and it was fantastic - thanks Kerry".  - Margaret, Wicklow

"I had never had this treatment before so I didn't know what to expect.  My neck was really sore, that was why I went to Kerry for a Shiatsu treatment. It was a little painful but a wonderful relaxing treatment that I fell asleep. I slept really well and really felt the benefit of this massage."  - Katherine, Wicklow