Special Ki-atsu Yoga Workshops


The Ki-atsu Yoga Workshops allow for a deeper immersion into both Yoga and Shiatsu.  The workshops are designed around the 5 elements of the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) system upon which Shiatsu is based (Metal, Earth, Fire, Water and Wood). Each workshop has a particular focus and blends Shiatsu techniques, Yoga and TCM theory in a special sequence designed to re-balance overall health & well-being.

According to Shiatsu and any practice based upon TCM (such as acupuncture), our health and well-being can be affected by factors such as our emotions, our food and lifestyle, even the weather. Although this is an extremely intricate health system, it is very logical – in each workshop you will learn simple but effective techniques and tips on how to manage your own health and well-being in accordance with this ancient medical system, as well as Yoga.

These Workshops are suitable for all levels, including complete beginners. Try one and be inspired to try new ways to feel better!

Relax, Refresh & Revive with Yoga & Shiatsu  
Sunday, 4th February, 10:30am to 1:30pm

Banish Winter blues and re-boot body and mind with a morning dedicated to you!   

Join Kerry for a morning of discovery, inspiration and relaxation.  Discover the benefits of both healing techniques of therapeutic Yoga and Shiatsu in the beautiful surrounding of the Ki-atsu Yoga studio in Ashford, Co Wicklow. 

A unique blend of therapeutic Yoga, Shiatsu techniques and re-balancing yogic breathing practices, this special sequence is designed to ease physical and emotional tension and tiredness.  It aims to improve overall vitality, soothe stress and ease backache and tension. 

You will also gain insights into Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and learn acupressure points and Shiatsu techniques to ease common complaints (including headaches, low back pain, fatigue, digestive problems). 

Shiatsu has its roots in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). It's similar to acupuncture (without the needles!) – instead different hands-on techniques are used to ease tension and to correct the flow of energy (ki) through the body's invisible pathways (meridians),

What will you gain?
- Slow-paced Yoga, with a therapeutic focus, easing backache and tension, as well as tight shoulders and neck.
- Shiatsu self-acupressure points to help some common health complaints (ie. backpain, fatigue, anxiety and digestive system complaints).
- Take-home simple but effective Shiatsu techniques to help family/friends/children feel better.
- Insights and practical health & well-being tips based upon Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).
- Short meditation techniques to bring greater ease to body & mind.
- Yogic breathing practices to relieve stress and re-balance.
- A chance to renew, restore and relax, in the beautiful, comfortable and bright Ki-atsu Yoga Studio in Ashford.
- Supportive and friendly environment. 

Suitable for all, including those new to Yoga and/or Shiatsu. Places are limited. 

Cost:   €40.

Bookings essential.

Ease Backache, Relieve Stress 
Sunday, 19th November, 1030am to 130pm

Ease Headaches, Relieve Tight Neck & Shoulders with Yoga & Shiatsu  
Sunday, 22nd October

Ease Backpain, Relieve Stress with Yoga & Shiatsu 
Sunday, 23rd July


Saturday, 20th May, from 1:30pm

Discover the beautiful dance of Tango!

Ki-atsu Yoga is delighted to welcome Dublin's best tango teacher, Simona, to Ashford.  Simona will guide you through the steps, accompanied by beautiful and soulful music.eui-tango-banner3

Tango is like a moving meditation. It can help reduce stress and increase your happiness levels! 

Yoga is a perfect complementary practice to Tango.  There will be a few options to choose from.

Partners welcome, but not necessary!  

For bookings, contact Kerry.

087 701 0551